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Effort = Results Fitness is here to motivate you to put forth the EFFORT to get you RESULTS!  
$6.00 Per Class - Pay as you go!  No Contracts!

Code of Conduct

At Effort = Results Fitness, we are focused on inspiring and empowering our clients to put in the effort to get the health results they want. we believe a person's exercise atmosphere is critical in developing wellness of spirit, mind and body.

Therefore, we ask that all participants please:

     1.  Consult your physician before starting an exercise program.

     2.  Sign in and pay prior to every class you attend.

     3.  For the safety of our participants, all children under 8 must remain seated off of the fitness floor.

     4.  Please be courteous and respectful to others.

     5.  No food, gum or beverages (except water).

     6.  Filming or photography is strictly prohibited without prior permission from management.

     7.  Classes are subject to instructor substitution or cancellation.

     8.  Any pictures or videos taken by Effort = Results Fitness may be used for marketing purposes

     9.  Effort = Results Fitness is not responsible for lost or misplaced punch cards.

    10.  Specialty classes and/or events may have special pricing.

    11.  Work at your own pace, modify as necessary, and HAVE FUN!

Thank you for your patronage and cooperation!  Please make this a fun, healthy and enjoyable experience for all by demonstrating care, honesty, respect, and responsibility towards fellow participants.